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Simple, Effective Leadership

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What People Are Saying About The Book


"This book provides a useful roadmap for leaders to be more effective. Comprehensive, yet easy to read and simple to apply. A valuable  growth tool for leaders.”

Alinda Nortje

Executive Chairperson, Free-To-Grow

“Effective Leadership is about taking people to places they haven’t been before. Its making the complex simple and the simple inspiring so that people want to perform above and beyond. In the Barefoot Leader, James Carolin provides a refreshing and easy to use framework to help you develop into a more effective leader.”

Peter (Pod) McCloughlin

HR Director, Coca-Cola Amatil

“The Barefoot Leader contains the simple truths of leading organisations on journeys to better outcomes. The simple framework combined with PEA measurement brings appropriate structure to chaos and helps leaders focus on differentiating thought and action.  Simple read – big impact.”

Otto Pretorius

Managing Director, QBIT

“James Carolin brings a refreshing take on leadership development with this book.  The Barefoot Leader is designed as a useful and interactive tool. The real and practical examples will not only shift individual perspectives but also have immense potential to bring about authentic change within organisations.”

Linda Ronnie

Senior Lecturer, Graduate School of Business, UCT

"James has created a simply useful decision-making framework from lessons hard learnt through experience for other leaders to leverage."

Saxon Marsden-Huggins

Managing Director, Recruitshop

About the author

James Carolin

James Carolin is passionate about creating a better world through more effective leadership. In striving to understand problems, devise innovative solutions, and influence and coach leaders to execute strategies, James draws experience from organisations in twelve different countries across four different continents.

Through years of action research, academic study, and insight gained in real-world application, James devised a framework and a roadmap to enable business leaders to achieve better results through their people: a simple, effective leadership framework.

The results achieved in working with organisations using the simple, effective leadership framework tells a compelling story: for one client, a three-year profit target hit in the first year; for another, sixteen times revenue growth in four years; for many organisations, reductions in employee turnover and absenteeism and improved employee engagement and productivity.

Today, James is a speaker, company director, and board member who has worked with many different clientorganisations, primarily through consulting. James’s clients have ranged in size from 8 to over 75,000 employees, fromunder $2 million in revenues to over $80 billion. They are leaders from banking and finance, resources, healthcare, telecommunications, construction, hospitality, professional services, utilities, and travel industries, as well as not-for-profits, parastatals, and government departments. On occasion, James was also embedded in the executive team in order to effect the positive changes required.

The usefulness of the simple, effective leadership framework becomes apparent to anyone who learns about it. It is James’s hope that by publishing this book, more people will be driven to create a better world using this simple, effective framework.

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